Date: 2013-04-03 02:41 am (UTC)
4/2/2013 Response, Part One

Lance, thank you. I am incredibly impressed right now. Thank you so much -- really, I mean that genuinely. You really listened, took my comments constructively (as they were intended, I promise) :), you made an LJ account just to take time out of your day to reply -- that speaks volumes about your commitment to your site. Again, wholehearted thanks. A famous and great quote attributed to Bill Gates is this: "Your most unhappy customers are your greatest source of learning." While I am definitely not unhappy at all, I think it is truly admirable that you are clearly operating in the spirit of that quote. :)

We have new designs (wireframes) done that are dynamite, IMO - and are based on a 2-column layout like you say

Shiny! Can't wait to see them.

The redesign will keep the basic palette, but I'm hoping it will feel warmer. When it launches, would love your - and anyone's - feedback on whether we did well or not.

It'd be my pleasure. :) I used to do web design, and I'm married to a brilliant UI professional, so I can believe that with a redesign, it could feel much warmer, depending on the balance and usage of the colors.

Hm. Weird. I'll send this to the devs. Integration is always kooky.

Thank you very much for passing that along to the developers. :) I know stuff like that can be kind of fiddly.

Does the GR export CSV contain a flag that clearly designates "has been read"? I see the "date read" field, but I'm not sure that's universally populated. Not having been a GR user myself, I'm asking in earnest. I don't know!

Well, it must have something in there, because one of the ways in which I've been assessing sites is by comparing how well they handle the CSV import. On LibraryThing (I created it before I knew about the stake Amazon had in them), it pulled over my ratings and reviews, so it must've sourced them from that file. I am not a programmer, but my job requires me to interact with them frequently, so, based on what I know from talking with them, I would think it would be possible to configure the import to flag any items that are rated and/or that have reviews as "Read," yes?

(continued in Part Two)
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