Date: 2013-04-03 02:41 am (UTC)
4/2/2013 Response, Part Two

If we sold it at a price that was comparable to Amazon's ... would you buy from us? Or would you prefer Amazon (and if so, why?)?

Yes, if you sold books a price that was comparable, or even a tiny bit more (don't get carried away, though ;) ) than Amazon's, I would gladly, happily buy from you. I believe in the concept of enlightened self-interest, and I believe that competition is good for the consumer. I intentionally purchased a Nook because:

A) I liked the UI better
B) I could borrow books from the library (at the time, that wasn't an option on the Kindle), and
C) because I believe Amazon needs a competitor.

A lot of people don't realize what's going on right now in the publishing world, and how Amazon is manipulating self-published authors to only play on their playground ( That's a lengthy discussion that deserves its own thread. As a professional technical writer, I could also mention the additional cost of time and money to format for MOBI when everybody else uses ePub, but again, that would be a digression. I'm just one voice, but there are 42 pages and almost 2100 responses ( to the Goodreads announcement at the time of this writing, so no need to take my word for it. The reaction to Amazon buying Goodreads has been overwhelmingly negative. It's not really about sentiment or fear of change: it's about math. Doing the numbers, It would be smart for someone seeking to pick up Goodreads refugees to have as little to do with Amazon as possible.

I am someone who likes to recognize goodness and excellence. Aldiko, a free e-reader for Android, is a fantastic product. I had all the features I needed in it available in the free version, but it was such a good program that I wanted to reward the developer, and I gladly purchased the paid version. I like to reward people for doing a good job. I admire Cory Doctorow's stance on copyright, and I respect the fact that he walks the walk by offering his books without DRM for free. I have happily purchased his titles to show support -- the man has to eat and feed his family, too. So, yes, I would gladly support your site by purchasing books through it, as long as they'd work on my Nook. :)

You must be coming in from outside the US. We sell eBooks directly, now, in the US

I'm inside the US, and I am fairly sure I'm seeing what you're seeing in terms of e-books for sale, I think I just was unclear in my wording. :) I are a profeshunal riter, no, reely. ;)

yeah, another thing that's in our queue. As of right now, the free ereading app is just for downloading and reading ebooks you bought from us, with a little bit of "suggested reading" baked into the reader. but no social, or goals, etc. that's all "roadmap" stuff, and I can't even estimate a date.

But it's good to know that it's on your whiteboard, at least. :) Thanks for that.

And, hey, again, my sincerest thanks most of all for taking the time to respond to this thoroughly in such a considerate fashion. You went above and beyond, Lance, and I really appreciate it. :)

(Edit to change "world" to "word.")
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